Red Fox Tipis - Tipi Hire, Tipi consultancy, Tipi sales & Tipi holidays.
We are a small Tipi hire company based in Ipswich in  East Anglia, we can happily provide up to 8 Tipis for any type of event. We also hire different size Tipis - the standard is 5.5 metre/18' but we also have tiny 4 metre Tipis [ideal kids parties] and a giant 7 metre lodge.
Tipis can be supplied bare, usually as decoration or set dressing, or furnished with groundsheets, carpets, stove and fuel. Special decoration is possible for weddings etc. We have a couple of decorated Tipis painted in authentic American Indian designs perfect for themed parties.
A standard hire is for a full weekend, we deliver and erect the Tipi on the Friday, collect on the Monday. We are very happy to hire for a longer period.
The cost for a weekend hire is £350.00 per standard furnished Tipi and £450.00 for the large Tipi. The childrens small Tipi is £100.00 but please note it is just too small for adults.
Ideally your site should be flat and not under any trees, about 20' square although if space is a problem we can bring a couple and pitch the biggest that will fit.
There is a delivery charge of £1.00 per mile 2 ways from Ipswich [IP9 1JW] - if we know of any other Tipi hire companies closer to you we will happily pass their details on so as to try and cut down on travel.
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